Payroll Syatem

Payroll System

Payroll software is one of the most demanding of software applications, with its emphasis on absolute security and tight deadlines. It will be an easy to use and easy to learn payroll software that is highly automated and comprehensive. We will develop in response to requests from HR Professionals for a program that does it all yet remains user-friendly.

HR department is an important part of an organization and plays a pivotal role in its growth. Efficient management of Human resources is a challenging task, especially in medium to big organizations because of high volume of employee data, which needs to be managed in quick, accurate and cost-effective manner.

Features of PAYROLL :

  • Time saving
  • Record keeping
  • Planning and reporting
  • Payroll Check & Reports
  • Direct Deposit
  • Tax Payments & filings
  • Electronic Child Support Payments
  • Employee Self Service

Developed By : Softworld infotech